Union Regiments
General Grant
United States Signal Corps

1st Massachusetts Militia
1st Pennsylvania Reserves
1st South Carolina Infantry
1st United States Infantry
1st United States Cavalry
1st United States Infantry Band
1st United States Regimental Band
1st United States Sharp Shooters
2nd Wisconsin Infantry
7th New York State Militia
8th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
8th Wisconsin Infantry - Iron Brigade
9th New York State Infantry
13th Pennsylvania Infantry
22nd New York National Guard
33rd New Jersey Infantry
39th New York Volunteers - Garibaldi Guard
54th Massachusetts Regiment
54th Massachusetts Regiment
69th New York State Militia
76th Pennsylvania Infantry
79th New York Volunteers Scottish Brigade
83rd Pennsylvania Infantry Volunteers
88th New York Irish Brigade
114th Pennsylvania Volunteers
146th New York Volunteer Zouaves
155th Pennsylvania Infantry
New York State Militia

1st United States Cavalry
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry - Rush's Lancers

Confederate Regiments
Confederate States Signal Corps

1st Alabama Infantry
1st Carolina Rifles
1st Confederate States Infantry
1st Confederate States Band
1st Maryland Infantry
1st Virginia Infantry
2nd Carolina Rifles
2nd Carolina Volunteers
3rd Arkansas Infantry
3rd Carolina Infantry
3rd Texas Infantry
6th Missouri Volunteers
11th Mississippi Infantry
15th Virginia Infantry
53rd Georgia Infantry
Alexandria Rifles
Chichester Zouave Cadets
Louisiana Zouaves
Louisiana Tiger Zouaves
Maryland Guard Zouaves
Mclellans Zouaves
North Carolina Infantry
Savannah Volunteer Guard
Sumter Light Guard

1st Tennessee Light Artillery
Washington Artillery

1st Texas Cavalry
Sussex Light Dragoons

Special Interest
7th United States Cavalry Colonel Custer

The contents of this website represent a life's work. My father Bernard Baker has collected, created and painted over 2000 unique American Civil War model soldiers, which accurately show the uniforms of over 96 individual regiments both Union and Confederate, that took part in the conflict between 1861-1865.

My father was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2009 and it is his fervent wish that this unique collection be on public display. To that end I have been working with him to catalogue and photograph the collection for this website as a precursor to finding a new permanent home for the physical collection.

If you have an interest in this period of American history I hope that you will find these images stimulating, if you think that you may be able to find a home for the physical collection please do not hesitate to make contact. Alan Baker.

United States Command Group - General Grant

Washington Artillery

1st United States Cavalry

1st Texas Cavalry

13th Pennsylvania Infantry (Bucktails)

1st Confederate States Infantry

88th New York Irish Brigade

2nd South Carolina Volunteers

79th New York Volunteers Scottish Brigade

3rd Texas Infantry


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